Product Building Workshops

Our products are conceptualized and made at Tinkersmiths Makerspace in Charlottessville Virginia. Tinkersmiths is the only Makerspace in the US offering free access to industrial grade equipment. Membership is free and workshops are free. The burn rate has been sustained though professional service offerings. Moving forward we look to bring products such as the beDorky line to market along with specialized workshop that offer support for these products. The specialized workshops will be at a small cost but offer far more help thank the open workshop series. These will be focused on helping your personalize and build any product you may purchase from us.

beDorky Workshop Schedule can be found here along with the Tinkersmiths Makerspace workshops.

Assembling and Customizing the Dorkpod Workshops
Workshops for Assembling beDorky Products..
Assembling and Customizing the Dorkpod Workshops
Part of the Shop Where We Are Assembling beDorky Products.